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Wellness Products

Healthy Home, Healthy Body

Our Body is our temple, our vessel of energy. What we provide our body, our home with is vital in creating true health and wellness. 


Here is a page dedicated to INSPIRE a healthy home, and healthy body.  

Natural Supplements

Any products from Raw Elements Inc can be purchased on their website

Using Discount Code: TRUE at checkout. 

Or come visit us at The Clinic Health and Wellness!


Sunwarrior Plant-Base Protein


Dandyblend (Coffee Substitue)


Vitamineral Greens


MonkFruit (Zero Glycemic Effect)




Medicinal Mushrooms

rallis olive oil.jpg

More Products can be purchased on Raw Elements Inc - natural supplements, food and more. 

Iced Pressed Rallis Olive Oil

Light Therapy

emr tek red light therapy.jpg
emr tek glasses.jpeg

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or ask one of our practitioners for a code to get you a discount. 

Red Light Therapy

Blue Light Blockers

Essential Oils and Clean Living Home

Our team love using Doterra Essential Oils in our treatments, and at home. Learn all about essential oils in one of our workshops, and our healthy home kits. 

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More Products Coming Soon.

Move Your Body for Optimal Health

Workouts, Movement, and Wellness.

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